Amsterdam Arrivals

All about the arrivals at Amsterdam Airport (AMS) on all terminals you can find below the list of the flights that are arriving by some flight, carrier, origin, time of arrival, status and also have the chance to track the flight with a cell phone.

Arrivals Airport Schiphol

ams airport arrivals

Ilha Do Sal (SID) HV 6846 Transavia 03:16 Landed
Hurghada (HRG) CND 618 Corendon Dutch Airlines 03:44 Baggage on belt
Seoul Incheon (ICN) AF 8421 Air France
KL 0856 KLM
KE 5925 Korean Air
04:28 Landed
Heraklion (HER) HV 1622 Transavia 04:23 Landed
Lagos (LOS) AF 8435 Air France
DL 9477 Delta Air Lines
KL 0588 KLM
05:21 Arrives early
Atlanta (ATL) DL 0070 Delta Air Lines
9W 8023 Jet Airways
KL 6038 KLM
05:02 Arrives early
Detroit (DTW) DL 0132 Delta Air Lines
9W 8028 Jet Airways
KL 6018 KLM
05:30 Arrives early
New York JFK (JFK) DL 0046 Delta Air Lines
9W 8004 Jet Airways
KL 6070 KLM
05:10 Arrives early
Dubai (DXB) AF 8422 Air France
DL 9321 Delta Air Lines
KL 0428 KLM
05:30 Arrives early
Jakarta (CGK) AF 8398 Air France
DL 8212 Delta Air Lines
GA 9088 Garuda Indonesia
KL 0810 KLM
MH 5632 Malaysia Airlines
05:32 Arrives early
Windhoek (WDH) AF 5193 Air France
DL 8218 Delta Air Lines
KL 0576 KLM
DT 6576 TAAG - Linhas Aereas de Angola - Angola Airlines
05:54 Arrives early
Antalya (AYT) CAI 026 Corendon Airlines 05:45 Arrives early
Toronto (YYZ) AF 8467 Air France
DL 9398 Delta Air Lines
KL 0692 KLM
06:21 Arrives early
Curacao (CUR) AF 8392 Air France
KL 0736 KLM
06:19 Arrives early
Hong Kong (HKG) CX 271 Cathay Pacific 06:02 Arrives early
Guangzhou (CAN) CZ 0307 China Southern Airlines
KL 4300 KLM
MF 9243 Xiamen Airlines
05:57 Arrives early
Manila (MNL) AF 8415 Air France
CI 9387 China Airlines
KL 0808 KLM
06:32 Arrives early
New York JFK (JFK) AF 8450 Air France
DL 9357 Delta Air Lines
9W 8807 Jet Airways
KL 0642 KLM
06:04 Arrives early
Kigali (KGL) AF 8253 Air France
DL 9318 Delta Air Lines
KQ 1537 Kenya Airways
KL 0537 KLM
06:26 Arrives early
Nairobi (NBO) AF 5191 Air France
DL 9496 Delta Air Lines
KQ 1566 Kenya Airways
KL 0566 KLM
06:58 Arrives early
Bremen (BRE) CZ 7704 China Southern Airlines
DL 9301 Delta Air Lines
G3 8560 Gol Transportes Aereos
KL 1750 KLM
06:58 Arrives early
Houston (IAH) AF 8412 Air France
DL 9387 Delta Air Lines
9W 8804 Jet Airways
KL 0662 KLM
06:39 Arrives early
Singapore (SIN) SQ 324 Singapore Airlines 07:36 Delayed
Washington (IAD) AF 6697 Air France
DL 9385 Delta Air Lines
9W 8802 Jet Airways
KL 0652 KLM
06:50 Arrives early
Billund (BLL) SU 3297 Aeroflot
DL 9402 Delta Air Lines
EY 7311 Etihad Airways
G3 8656 Gol Transportes Aereos
KQ 1340 Kenya Airways
KL 1340 KLM
07:05 Arrives early
Kayseri (ASR) FHY 973 Freebird Airlines 07:07 Arrives early
Dusseldorf (DUS) UX 3753 Air Europa
DL 9439 Delta Air Lines
9W 8578 Jet Airways
KQ 1852 Kenya Airways
KL 1852 KLM
MF 9690 Xiamen Airlines
07:07 Arrives early
Berlin Tegel (TXL) UX 3758 Air Europa
MU 4078 China Eastern Airlines
CZ 7976 China Southern Airlines
DL 9518 Delta Air Lines
G3 8562 Gol Transportes Aereos
9W 8767 Jet Airways
KQ 1818 Kenya Airways
KL 1818 KLM
MF 9686 Xiamen Airlines
07:09 Arrives early
Muscat (MCT) KL 0422 KLM 06:41 Arrives early
Dar Es Salaam (DAR) AF 8324 Air France
DL 9349 Delta Air Lines
KQ 1569 Kenya Airways
KL 0569 KLM
07:05 Arrives early
Newark (EWR) DL 0148 Delta Air Lines
9W 8001 Jet Airways
KL 6178 KLM
07:04 Arrives early
Montreal (YUL) AF 8465 Air France
DL 9396 Delta Air Lines
9W 8820 Jet Airways
KL 0672 KLM
07:16 Arrives early
St.Petersburg (LED) SU 3410 Aeroflot
DL 8175 Delta Air Lines
KQ 1394 Kenya Airways
KL 1394 KLM
07:23 Arrives early
Boston (BOS) DL 0126 Delta Air Lines
9W 8027 Jet Airways
KL 6016 KLM
07:28 Arrives early
Atyrau (GUW) KC 903 Air Astana 07:20 Arrives early
Toronto (YYZ) DL 7534 Delta Air Lines
9W 0233 Jet Airways
KL 3816 KLM
08:07 Delayed
Paramaribo (PBM) KL 0714 KLM
MF 9604 Xiamen Airlines
07:42 Arrives early
Lyon (LYS) AF 8320 Air France
DL 9521 Delta Air Lines
G3 5513 Gol Transportes Aereos
9W 8919 Jet Airways
KQ 1412 Kenya Airways
KL 1412 KLM
07:47 Arrives early
Warsaw (WAW) UX 3749 Air Europa
CZ 7959 China Southern Airlines
DL 9394 Delta Air Lines
KL 1362 KLM
07:48 Arrives early
New Delhi (DEL) DL 7535 Delta Air Lines
9W 0234 Jet Airways
KL 3817 KLM
07:44 Arrives early
Havana (HAV) KL 0724 KLM 07:28 Arrives early
Calgary (YYC) AF 8375 Air France
DL 9525 Delta Air Lines
9W 8824 Jet Airways
KL 0678 KLM
07:31 Arrives early
Moscow (SVO) SU 3200 Aeroflot
DL 9630 Delta Air Lines
KQ 0900 Kenya Airways
KL 0900 KLM
07:52 Arrives early
Turin (TRN) DL 9459 Delta Air Lines
G3 5571 Gol Transportes Aereos
KQ 1554 Kenya Airways
KL 1554 KLM
07:56 Arrives early
Detroit (DTW) DL 0134 Delta Air Lines
9W 8029 Jet Airways
KL 6119 KLM
07:55 Arrives early
Mumbai (BOM) DL 7533 Delta Air Lines
9W 0232 Jet Airways
KL 3814 KLM
07:52 Arrives early
Atlanta (ATL) DL 0072 Delta Air Lines
9W 8024 Jet Airways
KL 6072 KLM
07:34 Arrives early
Portland (PDX) AF 3646 Air France
DL 0178 Delta Air Lines
9W 8037 Jet Airways
KL 6008 KLM
07:42 Arrives early
Seattle (SEA) DL 0142 Delta Air Lines
9W 8038 Jet Airways
KL 6032 KLM
07:47 Arrives early
Does AMS-Airport offer free Wi-Fi?
Yes, AMS-Airport offers free Wi-Fi in the terminal. Just log in to the free Schiphol network with your laptop or mobile device. The wifi allows you to remain online for four hours. However, also after these four hours, you can keep using the internet for free. Only re-join the network to restore access.

Collect your luggage

Go to the baggage belt Watch the baggage Hall signs from your gate. Check the top screens to you see which baggage belt is being done for your flight. Odd-size baggage Odd-size baggage – like bikes, instruments, surfboards, and prams, comes out on a separate baggage belt. Check the overhead screen; the airport will show flights with Odd-size baggage belt number. Where’s my baggage? It can sometimes take 10 minutes while before your luggage appears on the baggage belt. If it doesn’t come, please go to your airline’s information desk. The location of the office will be displayed on the overhead screens. No passport controls for Schengen countries Some Schengen-zone countries have made agreements to simplify travel between them. If your flight departed a Schengen country – usually those in the European Union – you would not go through passport control on your way to the baggage belts. Baggage Claim Tips 1. Try to pack less. 2. Make your bag easy to find. 3. Put your contact information on your bags and inside each bag. 4. Check the Information on the luggage tag. 5. Get to the baggage claim area before your bags do. 6. Get into position to grab your bag. 7. Keep off the baggage carousel. 8. Check your tags before you leave the baggage claim area. 9. Prepare for a missing, damaged, or stolen bag. 10. Check your bag for damage before you leave.